Camp Becket - Chimney Corners Camp

Camp beckett ma "Becket-Chimney Corners YMCA"

Camp Becket, also known as Camp Becket-in-the-Berkshires, summer camp for boys in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts, run by the YMCA. It was founded in 1903 by George Hannum on Rudd Pond in Becket, Massachusetts. It is the oldest continually running summer camp in the United States. The camp is a single-sex environment for boys to concentrate on traditional values while building a sense of teamwork. The camp still teaches many of the values, such as building individual character by achieving goals in the context of a group setting, that were espoused by its second director Henry Gibson (tenure 1904-1927).

The camp is divided into 4 units called villages, listed here from youngest to oldest: Iroquois (cabins named after the Native American tribes of the Iroquois Nation, with the exception of Algonquin and Erie), Pioneer (cabins named after famous explorers), Frontier (cabins named after U.S. Forts) and Ranger (cabins named after U.S. National Parks). Within each village are 8 to 10 cabins. Each cabin consists of eight boys (all close in age), an assistant counselor, and a counselor.

In addition to a focus on group activities and team-building within the cabin group, campers have the opportunity to engage in numerous individual activities, ranging from sports to arts and crafts, boating, and nature activities. There are many opportunities to get involved in the Becket community during the all seasons, including fall and spring, by going to a work weekend. During these work weekends, alumni, staff, and kids participate in work activities, such as wood chip spreading or fixing a roof. There is also an Alumni weekend, a chance for alums to reconnect, and for father and son or mother and daughter to hike around the grounds. All of these events are hosted at Chimney Corners Camp (mentioned below) because of their heated, and insulated cabins.

Camp beckett ma "Environmental Education"


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